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Friday 19 June 2020

ARJIL Director's Message


 Prof. Chougrani Elhoucine 

The global world is witnessing radical transformations both at the international and national levels due to the globalization dynamics, the struggle for power and influence, and intense interdependence of interests among the major actors. Meanwhile, the Arab countries failed to participate in the international decisions process, to dismantle globalization and liberate it from the neoliberal ideology, because of the absence of trust, the reign of Anarchy that puts restrictions on political cooperation among the actors, the level of international economic pressures, and the risks of the Washington Consensus on Privatization and  debts rescheduling.


The Arab countries did not benefit from the capabilities and opportunities provided by international law, and it is enough to mention the guaranties of the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for the 9 July 2004, which confirmed the illegal the construction of the wall by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, in view of the principles and rules of international law.

In order to contribute to the disclosure of some elements, manifestations and complications of the international scene, and to understand part of the actors' behaviors, motivations, tendencies and orientations, a specific initiative has been launched in the form of  a year book marked with "The Arab Journal of International Law-ARJIL-", which is interested in studying the implications of the process of international law and their effects on the Arab area, and its manifestations on political, economic, cultural, environmental perspectives, etc.

The Arab Journal of International Law aspires to observe the interactions of the international law process, examine international policies, and study the manifestations of this in the Arab area from a legal (and normative), political, economic, social and philosophical perspective. It also aims to contribute in bridging the research gap, and to address the major challenges facing the Arab region (Such as climate changes, migration, disintegration and vulnerability), the potential for self-visibility, defending the common international responsibility to protect diversity and variety, and strengthening the human and environmental common among different civilizations, nations and societies.


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