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Wednesday 14 December 2022

GEOCULTURE AND GEOPOLITICS What Interplay for Soft Power Intercommunication(s) in a Globalized World?



Editor-in-Chief  Mohammed Guamguami
      Co-editors  Ahlam Lamjahdi       EL Houcine Chougrani       Mohammed Saddougui    
Final review & design  Abdedaim Battioui  




I. Mapping the World through Media

Ahlam Lamjahdi ____________________________________________2

  • Cinema, Geopolitics, and Power Surveillance: Screening Middle East in Post-9/11 Hollywood Films                                                                   

Mohamed Bataoui __________________________________________18 

  • L’impact des réseaux sociaux sur les représentations culturelles : de la déconstruction à la construction 

Hanane Karrouh___________________________________________48

II. The Discourse of Geo-politics/culture across Places and Spaces

  • Prologue
  • La Méditerranée au-delà de la géopolitique

Francesco Caddeo _________________________________________64

  • Extra-political Contacts across the B/Orders: Otherness, Culture and Order

Aziz Qaissi _______________________________________________88

  • The Geopolitical Construction of Space: Ceuta and Melilla

Imad Oilad Ali ___________________________________________113

III. The Geocultural/political Fiction

  • Prologue 
  • Postcolonial Arab Science-Fiction Resistance through (Dis)-Appearance: Reclaiming Space and Memory in The Book of Disappearance by Ibtissam Azem

Karmim Rawae and Rabouj Zineb _____________________________140

  • Towards a Geocultural Vision of Postcolonialism: A Critical Analysis of Mahmood Mamdani’s Neither Settler nor Native the Making and Unmaking of Permanent Minorities

Houda Lahbouchi _________________________________________157


IV. The Geo-trio: Crossing Boundaries between Economics, Politics, and Culture

  • Prologue 
  • Geo-cultural and Political Dialogue between Pakistan and Turkey: Resetting the Diplomatic Pace for ‘soft power,’ Regional and Global Imagery in a Changing World

Tahsseen Nizar and Tuğba Aydin Halisoğlu ____________________185

  • Towards a Global Market Domination under a Linguistic and a Sociocultural Soft Power Strategy

Lalia Belabdi ____________________________________________226

  • Mapping Trends of Geopolitical Research: A Bibliometric Analysis 2000-2021

Sanae Ejjebli ____________________________________________254

V. Mapping Geo-culture across Glocal Relations

  • Prologue 
  • Geo-cultural Interventions in Cross-Civilizational Communication: Towards a Dialogical Approach 

Benachour Saidi __________________________________________279

  • Morocco’s Geopolitics of Religion in Sub-Saharan Africa: Promoting Religious Dialogue and Spiritual Security

Fatima Zohra Alaoui Mahrez ________________________________299

  • La culture, enjeu central des relations internationales

Meryem Mehrez __________________________________________329

  • Les Think tanks Marocains et la consolidation d'une vision en relations internationales

Abdelfettah EL Fatin and Abdelouahad Nouib __________________352


VI. Geo-applications in Context

  • Prologue 
  • Emotional Intelligence, Soft Power and the Value of Dialogical Relationships in Intra/Interpersonal Communication

Aicha Adoui ____________________________________________371

  • Transformational Soft Power of Generation Z:  Analysis of the Geo-Culturalization of the Landscape through Educational Initiatives and Activism

Catherine M. Roche and Patricia E. Szobonya _________________391

  • Géopolitique de la traduction juridique

Mohammed Saddougui and Mohammed El Wali _______________433

  • The New Era of Climate Advocacy Climate Change Litigation

El Houcine Chougrani and Abdedaim Battioui ________________459

Publication date:
December 11, 2022


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