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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Special issue on Eco-issues in International Law


Arab Journal of International Law (ARJIL) and the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport are pleased to announce the publication of the 1st special issue of its annual peer-reviewed journal, ARJIL. Titled “ECO-ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL LAW” Articles in Russian, English, and French in this issue include “The Capitalocene and the Human great Suffering”, by El Houcine Chougrani; “Legislation Act of the Russian Federation in the Context of Climate Change”, by Ivakin Viktor Ivanovich; “A Climate Refugee in Africa from an International Law perspective”, by El Houcine Chougrani, Abdedaim Battioui & Mohamed Benchekroun; “Lobbyist appropriation of the climate issue and dead ends of the energy transition”, by M’hammed Belaarbi; “The Environmental Question in the History of Economic Thought”, by Brahim Dinar; “The Arab World Facing the climate change”, by Mohammed El Wali & Mohammed Saddougui. As for articles in Arabic “Mechanisms of Capitalist Economic Growth and Environmental Problems”, by Hettabi El Mostafa; “The Public Policies confront climate change in the Arab countries. Reality and ambition”, by Kadhim Al Muqdadi; “Environmental Security in The Current International Order: Paradoxes and Challenges”, by Malika Zekhnini; “The World Trade Organization & The Environment: What interconnectedness?”, by Boubakeur Saba; “Non-Governmental Organizations and Climate Justice”, by Sidi Lemine Ould Sidi Oumar Cheikh; “Political dimensions of the climate change issue: who pays the price?”, by Ahmed Alhaqui; “Protection of Environmental Refugees in International law and Tunisian Law”, by Halima Mnasri.

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Monday, 14 September 2020




A new book is published by the Arab Journal of International Law, the following is a brief overview about it:

A collective monograph ‘The functional–cost analysis and turnover capital management’  is a unique manuscript, concretely emphasizing  the role of functional–cost analysis in the turnover capital management.

The research is conducted  on trends’ data of the real sector of the Russian economy over a long-term period.

The manuscript provides a complete and systematic interpretation of the category “capital” through the understanding of its formation characteristics.

The paper introduces the theoretical and methodological foundations of organization improvement and the conducting of the functional–cost analysis in contemporary conditions. The quantitative relation between production quality with the manufacturing cost as well as sales volume is particularly examined. The authors pay special attention to methodological foundations of the functional–cost analysis,  which they have developed in order to demonstrate the application of the functional–cost analysis in the sphere of management of production companies within new economic activity conditions. The conception of the functional–cost analysis management is introduced, including its organizational structure, the financial mechanism and incentives for the application and development of its results within the process of transition to a market economy.

The book is recommended for production enterprise managers’ training, high-schools’ staff, economists, scientists, as well as post-graduate students. 

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